Shintei sōmoku zusetsu - Volume 11

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245 10|aShintei sōmoku zusetsu - Volume 11
100 1 |aIinuma, Yokusai (飯沼慾斎) (1782-1865)|ecreator
700 1 |aTanaka, Yoshio.
700 1 |aOno, Motoyoshi|d1890
046 |k1874
250 |aNew ed.
260 |aOgaki|bMino|c1874, i.e. 1875]|g1874
300 |a20 v. : ill. ; 27 cm.
520 |aIn Japanese characters, with a French translation of the preface and plant names in Latin. The Latin names of the plants were checked by L. Savatier.
650 1 |aBotany -- Pictorial works.|zJapan
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540 |aYou may use the digital images and catalog records found on this website for your private study, scholarship or research. Some of the images from the University of Wyoming Libraries are in the public domain.
246 3 |aModern Scientific Plant Encyclopedia - Volume 6
700 1 |aTanaka, Yoshio, 1838-1915|econtributor
700 1 |aOno, Motoyoshi, 1840-1890|econtributor
650 1 |aBotany
856 |u

Shintei Sōmoku Zusetsu - Volume 11

The following list contains indexed links to the relevant plant reference page of Shintei Sōmoku Zusetsu - Volume 11. This linked index is arranged by following the taxonomy of Linnaeus: Linnaeus' Class No. - Genus [Plant name in Japanese] [Scientific name] [Family of plants].

The Volume 11 contains:

  1. Class 14: "Didynamia" (2 long and 2 short stamens, contains 2 orders) - "Gymnospermia" (seeds naked)
  2. Class 14: "Didynamia" (2 long and 2 short stamens, contains 2 orders) - "Angiospermia" (seeds in a capsule)

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1. Class 14: "Didynamia" (2 long and 2 short stamens, contains 2 orders) - "Gymnospermia" (seeds naked)

[Kakidosei or Kantoriso] [Nepeta Glechoma Benth] [Labiatae]
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[Kiranso or Jigokunokamanofuta] [Ajuga Humilis Miq.] [Labiatae]
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[Jiunihitoye] [Ajuga Decumbens Th F. Reptans] [Labiatae]
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[Kaijindo or Kikuba-No-Jiunihitoye] [Ajuga Genevensis L.] [Labiatae]
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[Hamajisa or Tsurukakosi] [Ajuga Decumbens Th. F. Erecta] [Labiatae]
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[Nishikigoromo] [Ajuga] [Labiatae]
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[Utsubogusa] [Prunella Vulgaris L.] [Labiatae]
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[Tateyama-Utsubogusa] [Prunella Grandiflora L.] [Labiatae]
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[Hotokenoza] [Lamium Amplexicaule L.] [Labiatae]
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[Odorikoso] [Lamium Petiolatum Poyle] [Labiatae]
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[Dangiku or Rangiku] [Caryopteris Mostachantus Schauer] [Verbenaceae]
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[Chorogi] [Stachys Sieboldii Miq.] [Labiatae]
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[Inugoma or Chorogi-Damashi] [Stachys Japonica Miq.] [Labiatae]
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[Nigakusa or Inu-Chorogi] [Teucrium Stoloniferum Ham.] [Labiatae]
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[Naginata-Koju] [Elsholtzia Cristata Willd] [Labiatae]
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[Inukoju - A] [Hedeoma Nepalensis Benth] [Labiatae]
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[Inukoju - B] [Hedeoma Nepalensis Benth Var] [Labiatae]
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[Yama-Jiso] [Hedeoma ?] [Labiatae]
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[Mizo-Koju or Yukimiso] [Hedeoma Nepalensis L. Var] [Labiatae]
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[To-Bana] [Acynos Umbrosa Benth Var] [Labiatae]
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[Miyama-Tobana] [Hedeoma Micrantha Regel] [Labiatae]
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[Kuruma-Bana] [Calamintha Chinensis L.] [Labiatae]
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[Sudzu-Koju] [Hedema ?] [Labiatae]
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[Shiso] [Perilla Arguta Benth] [Labiatae]
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[Yegoma] [Perilla Ocymoides L.] [Labiatae]
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[Meboki] [Ocymum Basilicum L.] [Labiatae]
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[Megusa] [Mentha Arvensis L. Var Vulgaris Benth] [Labiatae]
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[Oranda-Hakuka] [Mentha Crispa L.] [Labiatae]
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[Hime-Megusa or Hime-Hakuka] [Micromeria Japonica Miq.] [Labiatae]
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[Aritaso or Rudaso] [Nepeta Tenuifolia Benth.] [Labiatae]
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[Kidachi-Hakuka] [Satureia Hortensis L?] [Labiatae]
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[Hikiokoshi] [Plectranthus Maximowiczii Miq.] [Labiatae]
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[Yama-Hakuka] [Plectranthus Inflexus Vahl] [Labiatae]
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[Aki-Choji or Kiritsubo] [Plectranthus Longitubus Miq.] [Labiatae]
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[Shirohana-No-Aki-Choji] [Plectranthus Longitubus Miq. Var] [Labiatae]
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[Kawamidori] [Lophanthus Rugosus Fisch] [Labiatae]
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[Shimobashira or Yukiyoseso] [Keiskea Japonica Miq.] [Labiatae]
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[Kariganeso or Hokakeso] [Clerodendron Divaricatum S. Et Z.] [Verbenaceae]
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[Mehajiki] [Leonurus Sibiricus L.] [Lablatae]
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[Kumatsudzura] [Verbena Officinalis L.] [Verbenaceae]
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[Ibuki-Jakoso or Hiyakuriko] [Thymus Serpillum L Var] [Lablatae]
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[Tatsunamiso] [Scutellaria Indica L Var Japonica] [Lablatae]
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[Shisoba-Tatsunami or Udzu-Tatsunami] [Scutellaria Indica L] [Lablatae]
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[Namikiso or Ruri-Tatsunami] [Scutellaria Scordifolia Fisch] [Lablatae]
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[Hime-Namiki] [Scutellaria Oldhami Miq.] [Lablatae]
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[Koganebana] [Scutellaria Lanceolaria Miq.] [Lablatae]
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[Musha-Rindo or Seiran] [Dracocephalum Ruyschianum L.] [Lablatae]
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[Kisewata] [Leonurus Japonicus Miq.] [Lablatae]
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[Manekigusa or Yama-Kisewata] [Leonurus ?] [Lablatae]
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[Rajomon-Kadzura or Rurichoso] [Dracocephalum Urticaefolium Miq.] [Lablatae]
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[Ogikadzura or Tsurujindo] [Ajuga Lobata Don] [Lablatae]
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[Hiragiso or Jindoso] [Ajuga Japonica Miq.] [Lablatae]
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[Jakoso] [Chelonopsis Moschata Miq.] [Lablatae]
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2. Class 14: "Didynamia" (2 long and 2 short stamens, contains 2 orders) - "Angiospermia" (seeds in a capsule)

[Goma] [Sesamum Indicum L.] [Bignoniaceae]
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[Goma-No-Nagusa] [Scrophularia Buergeriana Miq.] [Scrophularineae]
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[Hina-No-Usutsubo] [Scrophularia Alata A. Gray] [Scrophularineae]
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[Shio-Goma-Giku] [Pedicularis Resupinata L.] [Scrophularineae]
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[Ko-Shiogoma] [Phtheirospermum Chinense Bunge] [Scrophularineae]
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[Mamakona] [Melampyrum Ciliare Miq.] [Scrophularineae]
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[Hiki-Yomogi] [Siphonostegia Chinensis Benth] [Scrophularineae]
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[Senrigoma] [Rehmannia Glutinosa Libosch] [Cyrtandreae]
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[Saohime] [Rehmannia Lutea Max] [Cyrtandreae]
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[Sudzumushiso] [Strobilanthes Oliganthus Miq.] [Acanthaceae]
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[Isehanabi] [Strobilanthes Japonicus Miq.] [Acanthaceae]
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[Kuchinashi-Gusa or Kagaribiso] [Striga] [Scrophularineae]
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[Kogomegusa] [Euphrasia Officinalis L.] [Scrophularineae]
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[Azena] [Vandellia Erecta Benth] [Scrophularineae]
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[Urikusa or Natsu-Haze] [Vandellia Crustacea Benth] [Scrophularineae]
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[Sagigoke or Haze] [Mazus Rugosus Lour] [Scrophularineae]
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[Iwagiriso] [Baea Primuloides Miq.] [Cyrtandraceae]
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[Ogi-No-Tsume] [Hygrophila Lancea Miq.] [Acanthaceae]
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[Hai-Doku-So] [Phryma Leptostachya L.] [Verbenaceae]
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[Mizo-Hodzuki] [Mimulus Nepalensis Benth] [Scrophularineae]
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