Shintei sōmoku zusetsu - Volume 04

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245 10|aShintei sōmoku zusetsu - Volume 4
100 1 |aIinuma, Yokusai (飯沼慾斎) (1782-1865)|ecreator
700 1 |aTanaka, Yoshio.
700 1 |aOno, Motoyoshi|d1890
046 |k1874
250 |aNew ed.
260 |aOgaki|bMino|c1874, i.e. 1875]|g1874
300 |a20 v. : ill. ; 27 cm.
520 |aIn Japanese characters, with a French translation of the preface and plant names in Latin. The Latin names of the plants were checked by L. Savatier.
650 1 |aBotany -- Pictorial works.|zJapan
010 |a78790271
540 |aYou may use the digital images and catalog records found on this website for your private study, scholarship or research. Some of the images from the University of Wyoming Libraries are in the public domain.
246 3 |aModern Scientific Plant Encyclopedia - Volume 4
700 1 |aTanaka, Yoshio, 1838-1915|econtributor
700 1 |aOno, Motoyoshi, 1840-1890|econtributor
650 1 |aBotany
856 |u

Shintei Sōmoku Zusetsu - Volume 04

The following list contains indexed links to the relevant plant reference page of Shintei Sōmoku Zusetsu - Volume 04. This linked index is arranged by following the taxonomy of Linnaeus: Linnaeus' Class No. - Genus [Plant name in Japanese] [Scientific name] [Family of plants].

The Volume 04 contains:

  1. Class 5: "Pentandria" (5 staments, contains 6 orders) - "Monogynia" (having 1 pistil)
  2. Class 5: "Pentandria" (5 staments, contains 6 orders) - "Digynia" (having 2 pistils)

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1. Class 5: "Pentandria" (5 staments, contains 6 orders) - "Monogynia" (having 1 pistil)

[Inokozuchi] [Achyranthes Bidentata Bl. B. Japonica Miq.] [Amarantaceae]
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[Midzuhikigusa] [Polygonum Filiforme Th.] [Polygonaceae]
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[Katenso, or Hishiba-Kakidoshi] [Nanocnide Japonica Bl.] [Urticaceae]
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[Iwatabako] [Conandron Ramondidoides S. Et. Z.] [Cyrtandraceae]
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[Iwakagami] [Schizocodon Seldanelloides S. Et Z.] [Polemoniaceae]
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[Ko-Iwakagami, or Himekagami] [Schizocodon] [Polemoniaceae]
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[Iwauchiwa] [Shortia Uniflora Miq.] [Polemoniaceae]
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[Kikashigusa] [Amaletia Uliginosa Miq.] [Lythraceae]
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[Mitsugashiwa] [Menyanthes Trifoliata L.] [Gentianaceae]
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[Iwaisho, or Midzuicho] [Villarsia Crista-Galli Gris] [Gentianaceae]
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[Midzu-Aoi] [Monochoria Vaginalis Presl.] [Pontederiaceae]
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[Konagi] [Monochoria Plantaginea Kunth.] [Pontederiaceae]
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[Sasanagi] [Monochoria] [Pontederiaceae]
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[Asaza] [Limnanthemum Nymphoides Link.] [Gentianaceae]
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[Kagabuta] [Limnanthemum Indicum Cris.] [Gentianaceae]
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[Kagamigusa] [Vitis Pentaphylla Th. Var] [Ampelideae]
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[Asagao] [Pharbitis Triloba Miq.] [Convolvulaceae]
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[Hari Asagao] [Calonyction Speciosum Chois] [Convolvulaceae]
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[Maruba-Rudi, or Ruko-Asagao] [Quamoclit Coccinea L.] [Convolvulaceae]
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[Rukoso] [Quamoclit Vulgaris Chois] [Convolvulaceae]
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[Hirugao] [Calystegia Japonica Miq.] [Convolvulaceae]
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[O-Hirugao] [Calystegia Sepium L.] [Convolvulaceae]
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[Hama-Hirugao] [Calystegia Soldanella R. Br.] [Convolvulaceae]
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[Fugire-Hirugao] [Convolvulus Pentapetaloides L.] [Convolvulaceae]
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[Riukiu-Imo, or Satsuma-Imo] [Batatas Bdulis Chois] [Convolvulaceae]
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2. Class 5: "Pentandria" (5 staments, contains 6 orders) - "Digynia" (having 2 pistils)

[Kusatachibana] [Vincetoxicum] [Asclepiadeae]
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[Funabaraso] [Vincetoxicum Atratum Morr Et Dec] [Asclepiadeae]
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[Tsurugashiwa] [Vincetoxicum Macrophyllum S. Et Z.] [Asclepiadeae]
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[Rokuonso, or Higobiyakuzen] [Vincetoxicum Brandth Fr Et Sav.] [Asclepiadeae]
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[Sudzu-Saiko] [Pycnostelma Chinensis Bunge] [Asclepiadeae]
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[Towata] [Asclepias Curassavica L.] [Asclepiadeae]
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[Sudzumeno-Ogoke] [Vincetoxicum Purpurascens Morr Et Dc.] [Asclepiadeae]
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[Iyokadzura] [Vincetoxicum Japonicum Morr St Dc.] [Asclepiadeae]
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[Tsuru-Morinkuwa] [Tylophora Sublanceolata Miq.] [Asclepiadeae]
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[O-Kamomedzuru] [Tylophora Aristolochioldes Miq.] [Asclepiadeae]
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[Gaga-Imo] [Metaplexis Stauntoni Raen Et Sch.] [Asclepiadeae]
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[Kijoran, or Fuyoran] [Marsdenia Tomentosa Morr St Dec.] [Asclepiadeae]
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[Ikema] [Endotropis Auriculata Dc.] [Asclepiadeae]
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[Hekusokadzura, or Yaitobana] [Paederia Foetida L.] [Rubiaceae]
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[Akaza] [Chenopodium Album L.] [Chenopodiaceae]
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[Hahakigi] [Kochia Scoporia Schrad.] [Chenopodiaceae]
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[Aritaso, or Rudaso] [Chenopodium Ambrosioides L.] [Chenopodiaceae]
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[Matsuna] [Salsola Asparagodides Miq.] [Chenopodiaceae]
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[Oka-Hijiki] [Salsola Soda L.] [Chenopodiaceae]
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[Ninjin] [Panax Ginseng C. A. Mey.] [Araliaceae]
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[Tochiba-Ninjin] [Panax Repens Max.] [Araliaceae]
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[Rindo] [Gentiana Buergeri Miq.] [Gentianaceae]
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[Oyama-Rindo] [Gentiana Brevidens Fr. Et Sav.] [Gentianaceae]
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[Chabo-Rindo] [Gentiana] [Gentianaceae]
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[Asama-Rindo] [Gentiana] [Gentianaceae]
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[Toyaku-Rindo] [Gentiana Nikoensis Fr Et Sav.] [Gentianaceae]
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[Tsuru-Rindo] [Gentiana Japonia S. Et Z.] [Gentianaceae]
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A:[Haru-Rindo] [Gentiana Thunbergh Gris.] [Gentianaceae]
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B:[Koke-Rindo] [Gentiana Pedicellata Wall] [Gentianaceae]
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[Senburi, or Toyaku] [Pleurogyne Rotata Gris.] [Gentianaceae]
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[Akebonoso, or Yoshinoshidzuka] [Ophelia Bimaculata S. Et Z.] [Gentianaceae]
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[Sennichiso] [Gomphrena Globosa L.] [Amarantaceae]
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[Oranda-Sennichi, or Serian] [Spilanthes Oleracea L.] [Compositae]
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[Charumeruso, or Me-Yukinoshita] [Mitella Japonica Miq.] [Saxifrageae]
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[Chidomegusa] [Hydrocotyle Sibtherpioides Ham.] [Umbelliferae]
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[Tsubokusa] [Hydrocotyle Aslatica L.] [Umbelliferae]
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