Freshman Orientation in 1965

52 years ago, an article titled "Orientation Guides New Frosh" was published in the Summer edition of the University of Wyoming Branding Iron, which is currently being digitized by the UW Libraries.

TO A FRESHMAN, the first days at the University can be exciting
and interesting or they can be confusing and disheartening,

This quote by Robert R. Mullally, assistant dean of men, also discussed a conference program to dispel the anxieties of new students and help to answer many of their questions before they arrive for the fall classes.

A SAMPLE 0F LIVING conditions will be provided since the
students are housed and fed in campus dormitories and dining

Highlights of the program include a sample college lecture, a lecture
on college adjustment, informative sessions on social life, housing,
finances, health records and military obligations.

Read the whole Newspaper Here


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