Botanical Fieldbooks Collection

Botanical Fieldbooks Collection

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This collection is comprised of fieldbooks from the Rocky Mountain Herbarium, a smaller collection of fieldbooks documenting plants from the Bandelier National Monument, as well as fieldbooks from individuals.

The field work for the University of Wyoming collections was performed by Aven Nelson, Elias Nelson, Leslie N. Goodding, Edwin B. and Lois B. Payson, Louis O. Williams and others identified only by initials. Specimens were collected primarily in Wyoming, but also in parts of Colorado, Nebraska, Montana, Idaho, and other states.

Specimen entries in the field books are numbered, and these numbers correspond to specimens housed in the Rocky Mountain Herbarium at the University of Wyoming. Handwritten notes have been transcribed by the University of Wyoming Libraries Digital Collections Office. Downloads of the PDF versions are available below the book view.


Aven Nelson

28 Fieldboooks dated between 1894 and 1930. Many books include collection work by others including Elias Nelson.

Edwin B. Payson

6 Fieldbooks dated between 1914 and 1921.

Edwin B. & Lois B. Payson

5 Fieldbooks dated between 1920 and 1926.

Leslie N. Goodding

4 Fieldbooks dated between 1901 and 1905.

George Armstrong, Joanne Armstrong, Edwin & Lois Payson

1 Fieldbook dated 1923.

Louis R. Williams

8 Fieldbooks dated between 1931 and 1937

Brian Jacobs

3 Fieldbooks dated between 1986 and 1988

David Scott

2 Fieldbooks dated between 2006 and 2007.

Joseph L. M. Charboneau

2 Fieldbooks dated between 2010 and 2011