Against Exclusion in 48

OCR Which I should correct, or read the clipping:

"The Cream ‘Must Be White . . . It seems that this country of democratic ideals and un- democratic actions can find an increasing number of ways to display its policy of racial segregation. The most recent out- cropping of this sort has taken place an Rapid City, S. D, . where Indian girls have been barred frOm COmpetition' 1n the earning “Miss America.” contest Unfortunately our Ame1 loan beastlitigs must be the “cream of the crop’ ’and the white cream at 1a Had othese Indian girls belonged to an unintelligent and submarginal group, there might be a logical basis fur exclusion. However, according to our information these girls correspond well to the contest criteria of in- telligence, talent and pulchritude. Evidently they are of an Indian stock which has asSimiliated well with our cul- ture. They are willing and able to carry out the duties :of American citizenship, but God forbid that they be gazlilbwed to t1 ea’d upon the hallowed boa’rdWalk of Atlantic 1 y' A number of people who are verbally anti— everything, wil lexclaim, “how terrible.” However, few will pull their hair, chew nails, or otherwise get excited None will take Construc- tiye action. Even our own contestants will remain unshaken. Neither Will 0111' “Miss Wyoming” refuse to enter the con- test because of its “blackball” clause. We don’t ‘ekpect her to, after all, she can’t be held responsible for a ruling made by" some governing comm1ttee. However, the management and contestants in our local “ contest 3110 ."yoice some protest. They SHOULD at least. ask thatt ese color line outcasts be allowed to en- ter the. “Miss America pr codingSi‘ Other states should . do the same. Silence can alike nothing, Whereas noiSe ‘ subtext. least. be Iiéaml this natidn" important contest should be kept from these gigolo: whose ancestors were the first: to shake hands with Colombus."

There is art and beauty in dealing with old stuff.